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ICE (International Center of Excellence) at Minhaj University Lahore stands as a training institution that not only prioritizes academic excellence but also offers students a plenty of advantages within its vibrant and culturally rich surroundings. ICE distinguishes itself by accommodating different preferences in learning modes. It provides on-campus courses, allowing students to immerse themselves in the institute's physical environment. Simultaneously, the institution offers online courses for those who prefer the comfort of learning from their homes or choose not to relocate from their hometowns.


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Dear Aspiring Learners,

Welcome to the International Center of Excellence (ICE).
At ICE, we believe in the power of focused learning for immediate impact. Our short courses are tailored for enthusiasts like you, aiming to enhance your skills and accelerate your career growth.
As the Director, my commitment is to provide you with high-quality education. We understand the importance of your time, offering concise yet comprehensive programs designed to equip you for success. Explore our range of courses crafted for efficiency and effectiveness. Thank you for considering ICE as your partner in capacity building. 

Samreen Khurram Aftab

Director ICE

Why choose ICE

1. Flexibility in Learning
2. Quality Training Program
3. Industry-Relevant Curriculum
4. Supportive Learning Environment
5. Recognition and Accreditation

  • Flexibility in Learning:
    ICE is often recognized for its flexible learning options, including Pitman’s online as well as its on-campus courses. It stands out in Lahore due to its ability to accommodate the diverse schedules and learning preferences of students in the region.
  • Quality Training Programs:
    ICE is known for offering high-quality and industry-relevant training programs. It is because of its reputation for providing courses that meet the demands of the local job market, ensuring that students acquire practical skills.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum:
    ICE might distinguish itself by offering courses aligned with the specific needs and requirements of industries. This ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the local job market and can seamlessly integrate into various professional roles.
  • Supportive Learning Environment:
    Positive reviews highlights ICE's commitment to providing a supportive and conducive learning environment. This includes experienced instructors and resources that enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Recognition and Accreditation:
    Pitman Training's recognition and accreditation by relevant educational bodies or industry associations contribute to its standing. This ensures that students receive education and certifications that are widely accepted and respected.

Students Feedback

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Muneeb Tahir Saleemi

I am extremely grateful for Pitman English Training for this three months of journey. At the beginning, I was quite confused if I could make a big difference in three months. But as I enrolled, my confidence boosted gradually owing to the support I got from international classmates and international teachers

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Hamile Ali

I must say Excel advanced training online course at Pittman's Training inculcates me with the easy use of Microsoft excel in a short span of time. The segregation of course into different modules and quizzes assist in understanding the content and implementation of it with great ease.

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Wasif Ali

I found the course to be exceptionally well-structured and beneficial to my language learning journey. The course content was comprehensive, covering various aspects of English language proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, and practical communication skills. The interactive exercises and practical examples were particularly helpful in reinforcing key concepts.

International Center of Excellence

Call us at  0331 98 786 11, 042 - 3511 4271
Minhaj University Lahore, Main Campus, Madar-e-Millat Road,
Near Hamdard Chowk, Township, Lahore, Pakistan.